Cristiano Ronaldo set to ignore FA ban and risk punishment to make Al-Nassr debut

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to ignore an FA ban to make his Al-Nassr debut on Thursday night.

Ronaldo picked up a two-match ban for an incident that occurred against Everton whilst playing for Manchester United. Ronaldo appeared to slam a phone out of a fan’s hand whilst walking off the pitch.

Now, despite his ban being implemented by the FA, Ronaldo must miss two games no matter what club he plays for.

However, a report from the Daily Mail has claimed that Ronaldo is set to ignore this ban and make his Al-Nassr debut tonight, risking further punishment.

Understandably, Al-Nassr are desperate for Ronaldo to feature tonight to, with the signing undoubtedly the biggest in Saudi Arabian history.

If Ronaldo opts to play for Al-Nassr, then there’s a good chance he and the club could receive a hefty fine or possibly more consequences.

However, with the obscene amount of money the Saudi club possesses, they may choose to ignore the ban and take the punishment on the chin, with the introduction of Ronaldo set to be an unbelievable spectacle.


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