From the Archives: February 25 in the Pioneer

Feb. 25—February 25, 2013 — A 6-year-old boy was forced to walk a quarter-mile home in freezing temperatures after his bus driver refused to let him off at his home as a punishment for not following directions. The Bemidji bus driver resigned from his position after the school district began an investigation of the incident.

February 25, 1998 — Three Bemidji men and one man from Park Rapids have been arrested in connection to a meth lab bust in Frohn Township. The bust followed a two-week investigation by the Paul Bunyan Narcotics Task Force and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and seized chemicals, lab equipment and 12 firearms.

February 25, 1973 — A Bemidji boy was injured in a gunshot accident, but is in fair condition according to the hospital. James Sherrer Jr., 15, was out hunting with three of his friends when one of them took a shot at a squirrel. The shot went through a nearby shed and struck Sherrer in the face.

February 25, 1923 — A Nymore man has been found guilty of a statutory charge, after the jury was out for three hours to deliver its verdict. Sentencing is set to take place this afternoon, though the defendant is expected to request a new trial. The next case on the court’s docket is a liquor charge against a Bemidji man.

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