The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is $151 off


At just $199, this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is $151 off as the new year begins. The watch that looks like a time-tracker you would find in a luxury jewelry store has incredible capabilities to keep you in the loop without your cellphone in-hand. Whether you are a Samsung user or and Apple faithful looking to switch, it’s easy to tell that this smartwatch is much different than the competition.

While yes, I wear an Apple Watch on my wrist some days, if Apple’s smartwatch looked this good I would be making sure it’s on my wrist every day. This watch features stainless steel casing and the ability to change your watch band so it will work for any occasion. 

This watch features an obviously elegant design, and ECG monitoring, auto workout technology, and wellness management are all built into this smartwatch, so it’s hard for other brands to compete. With the auto workout technology I mentioned prior, it’s okay if you forget to start your workout before you take off. In just three minutes this smartwatch can recognize six popular workouts from running to swimming.

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If you need a constant reminder to hit your goals every day, don’t worry because Samsung has incorporated a wellness management platform that can read body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, basal metabolic rate, and Body Mass Index through the skin on your wrist. 

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This watch looks out for you and your health while reading your Oxygen levels allowing the smartwatch to provide insights on how to advance your running. Whenever this watch sees a deal, it doesn’t last long so make sure you take advantage of this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic near its lowest price ever.

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