Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins supported by teammates during absence

Andrew Wiggins has been away from the Golden State Warriors for 13 games, and counting, with what the team is calling a serious personal issue.

Despite his prolonged absence, he still has the full support of the locker room and organization as a whole. An anonymous player spoke to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, saying:

“What he’s dealing with,” one player said, “is some real (expletive).”

While the root cause of Wiggins’ leave of absence is unclear, what is clear is the severity of the situation and the team is showing their loyalty to him both by not leaking much information on the matter and by allowing Wiggins space and support until he’s ready to return.

No matter what the reason is or when the possible return date is, here’s to hoping that all is well in Wiggins’ world and we can see him back on an NBA court again.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire

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